Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Fail At Tier Sets If...

Happy Tuesday everyone. Fail Day is upon us once again and that means it is time to make sure others feel horrible about themselves. Yes, I know this makes me an awful person, but I tend not to care and just think of myself as doing everyone else a favour for saying things that everyone else wish they could say. This week we are going to go all out about people and their tier sets.

You Fail At Tier Sets If...
  • You complain how yours looks and you never had to wear warrior tier 2
  • You think that there is a hunter tier that looks bad
  • You pray they return to the days of 8 piece tier sets
  • You think the artists should just quit their jobs because they contribute nothing
  • You think it makes sense that a Pally wears a robe made out of plate
  • You think it isn't at all odd how the shoulders keep getting bigger
  • You are a druid who complains his sets are modeled too much after nature
  • You dislike how sets are model after the instances they come from
  • You think Blizzard has no clue about the game when they decide on set bonuses
  • You complain how a piece of gear that you are not supposed to wear doesn't match your tier gear
  • You are complaining all the Tier 12 gear 4 piece bonuses have procs that deal with fire
  • You are a Pally who thinks he can complain about the looks of your sets even if you had arguably the best looking set ever made
  • You think it is better to have a completely new set design for the heroic tier of the sets
and finally
  • You are a caster and think you will ever get away from wearing a dress
That is it for this week. Sorry for the later post got a little tied up with somethings. No I didn't die or anything so all of you that sent mails asking me if I was ok. I am sure you feel better now knowing you got your Fail Day fix.


  1. i never understood the pally robe thing. I know why they havea robe, but it being plate really makes no sense at all. Think of how heavy that thing is.

  2. Pally tier 2 really is the best ever

  3. I fail. Hunter Tier sets have been awful. Heck, I point blank refused to wear Tier 5 it was that fugly.