Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You Fail At Complaining Thrall Is In The Spotlight If...

So here we go again everyone's favourite day of the week, Fail Day. The day of the week where we make it a point to make others feel like crap about the things they fail at. I know, I know some may think I am an awful person, but I just tend to think of Fail Day as if it were a public service announcement. This week's post comes to us because I have had about enough of the complaining. So here you have it

You Fail At Complaining Thrall Is In The Spotlight If...
  • You are Alliance and go on and on about how Blizzard favours Horde
  • You forgot about the whole Velen in Burning Crusade thing, or Tirion in Wrath
  • You are part of the Jaina and Thrall fan club
  • You think there is someone else who is even capable of taking Thrall's place
  • You know nothing about the lore to know why it is Thrall and no one else
  • You forget Thrall is a member of the Earthen Ring
  • You go on and on about how this means Thrall will never be Warchief again
  • You just state he will be another Bolvar and serve no purpose
  • You think Thrall cannot die because he is Mezten's love child
  • You create a 20 page thread about how Thrall learned to stand up straight
  • You forget or have no idea Thrall is the first of the "new" shaman
  • You think you are showing your intelligence by stating Thrall is a "Mary Sue" character
  • You could careless what Aggra thinks
and finally
  • You go on and on about Thrall saving a world he is not even native to. Forgetting he was born on Azeroth
And there you have it that is it for this week. Hope you all got a good laugh at someone else's expense. Good luck on this another Free Loot Tuesday.