Friday, May 13, 2011

The Return Of The Timeless One

So first off this post does contain a slight spoiler so if you are not interested in that then please don't read it and complain about it. You have been warned, so all of you can now stop writing your hate mail. It is Friday so it does mean it is time for this week's Reader Post. This week I asked you all to send in your thoughts on the return of Nozdormu as has been seen to happen during the start of the Elemental Bonds questline. So with that little explanation let's see what you all had to say

I think it's kind of silly of them to bring back Nozzy now without explaining anything at all. It would have been better to give Nozzy his own quest line, explaining his absence and everything thats happened like the hourglass event you mentioned, then bring him back for thrall's quest. But meh, this is Blizzard we're talking about. 

I think he is returning in good time to progress the story further. I hope he just doesn't show up and have no explanation at all, but I am glad he is back and coming to the newly formed rebirth of the world tree probably to bless it makes sense. Since he did that originally. One thing I don't understan with no explanation is how he new to come? From Day of the Dragon we know that Nozdormu is there for the Death of Deathwing because of the very fact that he stated that Deathwing would be eventually part of his collection. So I guess I am really saying I am glad he is back.

With him returning maybe we will finally get some answers about the Infinite Dragonflight? Like I think it is pretty obvious that he is the leader, but the question of how and why is what we want to know. Is this a lead in to the caverns of time in 4.3? This is one of the most interesting story arcs wow has and I am beyond excited to see it play out.

I know this is kindof a sidebar but, didn't Nozdormu used to have a pretty bad speech impediment? Shouldn't his one line be more like "Time is preciousssss sissssster. Let us sssssee to our ritual". Shame they changed it, I thought that was a rather fun thing about his character. Anyway I know I shouldn't be assuming things based only on the dialogue of the event but it seems a little bit lame to me. Did Fandral seriously just walk into that meeting and kill Thrall, the "most powerful shaman on Azeroth", in front of two dragon aspects, the greatest druid that has ever lived and his pissed off girlfriend? 

He was never gone. He said himself he's in multiple places at once.     

There they are. Thank you to everyone who sent something in, it is very much appreciated and this post couldn't happen without your involvement. Look for next week's topic during Ask Gauss on Sunday and you can be part of next week's post. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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  1. this post contains a slight spoiler :P