Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Fail At Going On And On About Premium Services If...

Well it is Tuesday, which means it is time for another Fail Day. Yes that is correct it is time to make other people feel horrible so we can feel better. Isn't that great? This week I decided to go off on a tangent about this premium crap that has been going on. So sit back and enjoy!

You Fail At Going On and On About Premium Services If...
  • You think any of these things gives anyone and advantage
  • You would never use any of these services anyway
  • You are subscribed to any specialty channels on your television
  • You think someone having a sparkle pony makes them a better player
  • You don't find it odd that you are jealous of someone with a mobile guild chat application
  • You are upset you can't stroke your epeen while not in front of your computer because you don't have the mobile armory application
  • You believe your "friends" on other servers are not there because they never wanted to group with you to begin with
  • You believe in the slippery slope theory
  • You believe since you had to pay for a sex change in real life you shouldn't have to pay for it in game
  • Every comment you make on the forums from now on is "blah blah will be a premium service"
  • You are just upset because this means you have to ask your mom to raise your allowance
  • You some how relate this to the game going to the casuals
  • You go on and on about other games having these services for free when no other game has anything marginally close to what you are complaining about
  • You use this as an excuse to say RIFT is a better game
and finally
  • You have never said thank you to Blizzard once for not raising your monthly subscription
And there you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it, I know it made me feel a little better inside. Good luck Free Loot Tuesday is upon us!


  1. LOL pure gold this is the best one in awhile. I thought the same thing when I heard people complaining about the guild chat thing

  2. Ya I think people forget about the fact that our subscription hasn't gone up in all the years wow has existed.

  3. I think everyone is upset because nothing will ever be as overpowered in game as a gnome on a sparkle pony.

    WTB Bigger starting bags, willing to pay $100.

    Can't wait to hear the crying when they add that but I can assure you I will be first in line to buy it.

  4. Lol...just lol

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