Monday, May 23, 2011

My Violent Heart

Happy Victoria Day everyone. For those of non-commonwealth countries, happy Monday. As with every Monday it is time to showcase a machinima. I chose My Violent Heart for several reasons. I always get a ton of questions about Draenei Lore and how it works into everything, and yesterday on Know Your Lore at WoW Insider they decided to do it on the "cosmos". Which made me think of Argus and the whole back story of the Draenei. So this isn't a perfect telling of the story, but it is quite an amusing and visually appealing way to look at it. This video is done by one of my favourite machinimators Gnomechewer. Who has given us great pieces like "Gilnean Like Me", and "Princely Reign". So sit back and I hope you all enjoy it.

Enjoy the fireworks this evening, and good luck on your last day before reset.


  1. This video has always creeped me out

  2. nice although not really much of a lore plot