Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Best One Liners

So everyone knows I enjoy the speeches and dialogue in this game. So a few days ago I was looking through my mails and saw this question asking about some of my favourite one liners WoW has had over the years. Now I thought about just doing this as one of the questions for this Sunday's Ask Gauss, but then I thought it would make a great post, since it has been a long time since I did a list type post. So here you have it Gauss' List of the Top 10 One Liners in WoW

10)Ya will spend ya reign glancin' over ya shoulda and fearin' tha shadows, for when tha time comes and ya blood be slowly drainin' out, ya will know exactly who fired da arrow dat pierced ya heart. -Vol'jin

9)Honor young heros, no matter how dire the battle never forsake it! -Saurfang

8)Watch your clever mouth, bitch. -Garrosh

7)Isn't it obvious, Warchief? I serve the Horde. -Sylvanas Windrunner

6)You want my blood come then dog -Varian

5)Merely a setback! -Kael'thas along with many others

4)And when the time is right, the Betrayer will become... the
betrayed. -Akama

3)Am I a murderer, Krom'gar? -Garrosh

2)Behold, now, the terrible vengeance of the Forsaken! -Putress

and of course

1)YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!!!! - Illidan Stromrage

So there you have it my Top 10 one liners, I am sure there will be ones that you think should be on and others you think shouldn't be. Feel free to complain about either.


  1. Of course Illidan wins his is so iconic

  2. I always loved Deathbringer's classic "Hahaha...dwarves."

  3. C'Thun "your friends will abandon you" is one of my favourite.

  4. I must agree when Garrosh says "Am I a murderer Krom'gar" it gave me chills