Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You Fail At ZA and ZG If...

So Fail Day is here once again and after a week going by since 4.1 I was able to compile a list of fail through just one week of spending time in our new-old instances. Also want to thank everyone who actually sent in some of their own failure stories from the past week, which made this Fail Day full of potential. So lets just have at it.

You Fail at ZA and ZG If...

  • You have not got the achievement off of the snake boss
  • You died on your way into ZG from not clicking on the green cauldron
  • You are not saddened by the Bloodlord not saying DING when he levels up
  • You nuke the panther boss without pulling packs of panthers
  • You found the Zanzil encounter difficult to understand what to do
  • You couldn't do what Jarjar could and stay inside the bubble
  • You decide to hug the boss in the edge of madness when he does his lightning rod
  • You find the concept of standing under the person being picked up by lightning difficult
  • The charge mechanic on the bear boss for some reason seems more complicated then the assault on Bin Laden compound
  • You kill both handlers, but then proceed to not do an ounce of damage on the birds that massed spawned
  • "Kill totems" seems to represent a saying in Swahili since you have the largest problem actually listening when told to do it.
  • Your method of lets CC this pull is just mark it and pull without saying anything
  • You enjoy watching scouts bashing on the drums and calling more adds
  • "Stand in the rectangle" is followed by you standing in the one place that has round edges.
and finally
  • You have a bunch of green gear, but purchased PvP gear just so your ilvl was high enough to get inside.
There we have it, this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and haven't had to go through what I have or the horror stories others have told me. Good luck on this Free Loot Tuesday


  1. LOL even getting an osama jab in there

  2. I was quite upset they took out the DING/GRATS thing from ZG was one of my favourite things from the instance.

  3. I was wondering where the ding/grats dialogue went the other night, it was definitely present during my first run!