Friday, May 6, 2011

Who Is Responsible?

Friday is here everyone and besides it being the end of the work week and looking forward to that you have the weekly Reader Post. This week's post I asked all of you Lore nuts like me to send in your theories on who you think are behind the attacks against Thrall. If you want to see my thoughts on the subject you can check back and look at Sunday's Ask Gauss post where I went into some detail on my thoughts. If you have read that well her is what others are thinking

Well Azshara also could, but she doesn't have any reason to risk it. Garona probably could but her mind control has been broken. It could be that it's Archibshop Venedictus (the SW priest who was supposed to be with the hammer but then got his storyline removed) or even Rommath.

We all know who the agent is... Fand- erm, Majordomo Staghelm. They have to explain how he is somehow a fire druid now. Although why he would be at that meeting I really have no answer for. There is that green dragon though that was in charge of watching over him so who knows.

I say it was Millhouse Manastorm. With the candlestick. In the Maelstrom.

I agreed that Magatha is behind the attacks on Thrall BUT, ultimately, I think it's something we haven't faced before, something deep in the lore that's not been mentioned directly. I think Magatha is corrupted by Deathwing but I think he will use her until he's gotten everything he can and discard her like a used paper towel. I think he and Cho'gall will argue about things but Deathwing will, ultimately, destroy Cho'gall, maybe with our help. Yes, I know there is a raid to kill Cho'gall but I don't see Cho'gall as relinquishing any power granted to him. Lord Aston said, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." I see Cho'gall as rising up and saying, "I have tasted power and you are but a dragon." I think the same could happen with Ragnaros. We get used by a boss to defeat another boss. And why? I think a Titan has become corrupted. A creator of the world on which we live has decided he does not want to play nice with the other titans. He or she has slowly worked in secret to deflect his corruption onto lower life forms. I can see an expansion, maybe 2 or 3 ahead, where we have to fight a corrupted titan. It would not be on Azeroth but on some other plane. It would be a huge battle. I wonder if they could do a battle where you start it, fight for 2-3 hours and then come to a point where you're transported out of battle to "regroup". Then you could come back in the next day or at a later date that week and pick up where you left off. Or you start it, but then you have to go gather some things to continue on. Players may not like that kind of a battle, but I would love it. Make it a case where you have to gather allies to do some sections of the battle, although that should be an option, and that would be most epic. Where would Blizzard go after making a battle like that? There's always some creature who could be passing by in the universe and decide "Oh! I'll take over this planet."

And illusion isn't really that difficult of a magic to use, or at least I wouldn't think it is as it never usually is, so it could be anyone really. A leader of the Twilight Hammer, Fandral, who knows. Either way, he disguises himself with magic and I'd imagine the three aspects are Red, Green, and Bronze, since Blue doesn't really have one and Black is...well, yeah. If Blue had a -powerful-, key word, aspect there, then I would question it as you'd think the protector of magic could see through that.

I hope Garona killed Thrall! She was always one of my favorite characters! And it would definitely make sense lorically! Although Cho'Gal is dead and therefore the mindcontrol would not be in place. But a rogue sneaking in and killing someone is pretty possible. may have betrayed the dragon may have sided with the old may have shattered the world, killed countless people, and brought a new age of suffering upon the world....but this.....THIS is where you crossed the line! In other words I think Deathwing crashes the party.

That is it for this week. Thank you everyone for your submissions they were very much appreciated. If you want to take part in next week's post look for the topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Have a great weekend everyone


  1. it could be a mistake but in Blizzard's blue post it says "he" which would mean that it couldnt be a female

  2. fandral i think is pretty obvious