Friday, May 20, 2011

The New Legendary Proc

Friday has come and it is the last day in the way of my long weekend. Also though, you should know that Friday's are the day of the Reader Post. The post of the week where you all write them based on your submissions. This week I wanted you all to comment on the current proc on the Legendary Staff and what you thought of it. If you want to see what I said you can go back to the last Ask Gauss and read up, but today is all about what you all think. So time to see what you had to say.

....Imagine if an elemental shaman got this staff..... coupled with the mastery proc..... my friends, we could be looking at a situation with 3 chain lightnings going of in unison....
*goes to level a shaman* 

I hope the PPM goes down depending on the class/spec wielding it... My AffLock wouldn't find this all that great.unfortunately this proc would be useless for dot specs, unless it lets you put 2 dots of the same on the target. Then again that'd be cool, but I think the idea of straight damage dealing spells copied would be more useful... unless you could soul swap that extra dot with the others.

I think this is really kind of a silly proc that is really only useful for certain classes and specs and therefore it truly won't be a true "Caster Weapon". I really think if they wanted it to be even it should just proc the spell that turns you into a member of the Blue Flight and then hits for an amount based on your spell power. This way not matter what spec dot class or not it is going to be hitting for an amount that will not be RNG and will be pretty comparable across all classes. The way I see it at the moment is no guild in their right mind would ever let a affliction lock or a Shadow Priest even try to get this. So I guess this isn't really the caster legendary we have been waiting for.

Afflocks make me sad for this proc and frost mage wont really care. Itll just make shatters a little more powerful. ARCANE and FIRE though... thats going to be cool. double instant pyroblast? yes please? EXTRA four stack Arc blast for free? om nom nom. Boomy/Ele i think will get the most benefit... Free instant star surges (or 2nd starfall) will wreck things as well as double procs of this and elemental overload on any shaman spell. lava burst being the scariest but even seeing 4 lightning bolts flying at you and hitting in one global is going to hurt like you wouldn't believe.

For increasing the damage during a burn phase, nothing is going to come close to an arcane mage. Over the course of a whole fight, I have no clue what it would be better with. If the copied spell behaved exactly like the original did and it's effects counted towards class mechanics, then I would say that fire mages would see great use out of it, but can't say they would be the best.

Lazy proc, not exciting at all. Really just a glorified Thrash Blade. Really this is the best that Blizzard could come up with? The same people that thought of the Purple swrilies of doom with the strength proc?

And that's it. Thank you to everyone who submitted something, even the ones whose submissions did not get posted. If you want to know next week's topic be sure to check out Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Enjoy your weekend everyone and if you are lucky like myself it is a long weekend for you.

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