Friday, May 27, 2011

The Form They Take

Happy Friday everyone, as always I hope it actually is a happy Friday. Is it even possible for a Friday to be bad, because you know how much good is on its way? Anyways, Friday does mean it is time to have the weekly Reader Post. You know the post which is made up of whatever I asked you all to send in about. This week I asked you all to send in your thoughts on why the Dragons take the humanoid forms they take. Yes pretty simple and pretty open. So let's see what people had to say.

...You're a dragon. An important one, which means you have to mingle with the humanoid races, and must assume a humanoid form. Would you rather assume a humanoid form with a lifespan of aprox. 100 years or one that can be thousands of years old? Id assume the latter.
Imagine yourself in game. You are minding your own, picking flowers. You hear a whoosh of wind, the branches in the trees near you bending to the wind. A Blood Elf chick plops down in front of you. She wants to chat. In fact, she has a job that she needs you to do.Now Imagine the same scenario, only this time, a gynormous dragon tears down the trees in her way, slams down on the ground hard enough to bounce you off your feet, squashes the deer you were watching in the woods.For story purposes, they use the elf or blood elf form to keep us from crapping our pants every time they want to chat with us. Personally, my pants appreciate it.
I would think Green dragons use the night elf form because of the connections with the Emerald Dream. It only makes sense since them seem to have some sort of pack with the Night Elf race. The Reason everyone else uses elves I am not sure with, but there is probably some logical conclusion to be made just like I did with the Green Dragons I am just not that involved in the Lore to speak on it at the moment.
Black, Blue and Red Dragons often take the form of humans. Especially the males. This is generally considered to be the most "social" and widely accepted race in the Eastern Kingdoms. It's also, by and large, the "ruling" race, possessing most of the territory in that area. The fact that Black Dragons (male and female) prefer this form demonstrates their desire to rule over things.
When assuming a humanoid form dragons tend to take one they are accustomed to. The eldest of dragons tend to prefer elves since that is the race they trafficked with the longest. Black dragons tend to prefer humans since they want to spread discord and have been trying very hard to bring down the alliance. Assuming a human form would make the most sense since humanity makes up the core of the alliance.Reds like to assume both elves and humans the most but will assume any of Azeroth's races since they consider themselves protectors and its easier to mingle with lesser races on both sides if you are flexible with what you might need to be depending on the situation. Bronze like the reds can assume any form as well depending on the situation since they might need to mingle in a period where whatever race they are mingling with might not know about say humans or the existence of orcs.  Greens for the most part tend to prefer Night elves since Yesera has a special connection with them from the War of the Ancients which would filter down to the rest of the flight. Unlike the other flights they rarely interact with mortals directly. Most of the blue dragons are younger then many of the other dragons in other flights since they were almost all slaughtered by Deathwing back in the War of the Ancients. Since they are guardians of magic they will change more often into the races that dominate that field the most (elves/humans) since they would be mingling with them the most.
Lorewise? Elves were the de-facto "important" race back when the Dragons ran around everywhere. They all had forms that reflected who they had to interact with and then they fell in love with one particular form.
Why should a dragon care what they look like in humanoid form, anyway? After all, if somebody doesn't like it, they can just be all "%#*% YOU, I'M A DRAGON" and stomp them. That said, I definitely wouldn't mind more variety. Wasn't there a dragon questgiver with the appearance of a goblin somewhere?
That is it for this week. Thank you all who sent in something for the post. Sorry that I couldn't include everything. If you would like to participate in next week's Reader Post look for next week`s topic on Sunday during the Ask Gauss post.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!                               

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  1. I am curious why there are not troll dragons. If anyone was going to be a trolls I asumed it was going to be Nozdormu