Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday is here and with all my complaining on rain well Mother Nature said screw you and now it is hot as hell outside. So really is a good day to stay in. Being Sunday all if not most of you know that it is Ask Gauss the post of the week where I get to answering questions that have been sent in. So let's just get on to it.

What are your thoughts on the current scheduled nerfs to the Tier 11 content in 4.2?

First off we all knew they were coming maybe not to the extent as they have, and in truth I also expected nerfs to the Heroic versions, which didn't received any actually. Yes, Blizzard wants everyone to see the content at least on the normal mode and this will probably allow them to do so. The problem with doing this is that many who could not do the content as of now will now be stuck when they head into Firelands and it is too hard. Which means when 4.3 comes along we will have this whole problem all over again. Many of the older wow players think time nerfs content enough, where people can get gear to out gear an encounter. I believe this was the purpose of the valor points from the daily heroics. This way they could get the current gear without doing the harder content and get what was needed to defeat content to them, which was unbeatable. The strat they are using is a double nerf. Not only will people be able to get the current content gear, but the past tier will be easier regardless of more gear or not. This creates artificial gratification like something was accomplished and they are now "amazing" for doing so and can now "own" the current tier. This again is obviously not the case. This may in turn increase the number of bad players by a significant margin, but only time will tell.

Can you really play WoW if you don't raid?

You can, although that really isn't the purpose of the game to its core. Yes, you can quest, RP, PvP, explore, making gold, or all of those things. The fact of the matter the game doesn't tailor to any of these. For all the PvPers WoW is not a PvP game. It is not balanced correctly for it and it just becomes combo vs combo. This is due to the fact that the devs focus on PvE. Even major esports tournaments have realized this and have dropped WoW Arena from them, because it is boring to watch and is just like I said combo vs combo. Now this doesn't mean you can't find fun with it in game, just means you have to realize what it is. WoW rewards players for raiding and attempting raids and everything in the game leads you to the path of raiding. So yes you can play, but I don't think you are really playing the game how it was meant to be played.

Since Azeroth Daily show is ended for the time being, that mean you are going to give us a Daily Show?

LOL, sorry no. No one can top TB.

There you have it. That is it for this week, hope you all got the answers you were looking or not looking for. Next week's Reader Post I want you all to send in your thoughts on how you can play WoW without raiding. As always you have until Thursday night to get in your submissions. Enjoy what is left of your weekend.

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  1. RIP Azeroth Daily really hope it comes back soon.