Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Warrior Tier 12

So I know that a lot of the tier models have been out for awhile. Some of them look rather special. Have you seen the druid preview? What were they thinking on that one? It is like someone went on the acid trip of all acid trips. Anyways, it isn't often that I like the look of the warrior set, but this one I do. Of course, with there being the epic chin on this set makes it look pretty awesome. It isn't like the Tier 11 which looked like it could have passed of for a mail set. This one looks intimidating and well put together and all the colour options, whichever they pick are suited very well. At least they didn't keep that flaming mask model they had at one time, that was really hard for me to get around.

This is a set that I will not only be excited  to be wear, but will also be in a raid that I will be excited and pumped to do. Firelands looks as I have said before looks beyond amazing, and I hope it will put some motivation in people to start focusing on raiding and not just playing the game and getting their points.


  1. Nice that does look pretty good. I think the hunter looks pretty good also, but is there a hunter set that ever looks bad?

  2. I prefer when they dont make sets based off of mobs and instead fit for the class. I guess that with firelands though they want to showcase the zone.