Saturday, November 30, 2013

Less QQ, More PEWPEW

Safiree Saturdays

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had the greatest day. I did a lot of cooking, and cleaning...eating..more cleaning. :D Had a lot of great send ins for the pictures I requested. Some of them were pretty interesting. One of them, the person had a bunch of pipes on the walls, almost like they are forced to game in the basement...or garage. I'm sorry man, that sucks lol. Others were crazy. One guy had a bunch of $1 bills on the desk. haha not going to say anything on that. I picked 4 that I loved the most. In the end Gauss and I had to pick one. So grats Nazaraki :) 

Getting to know the guild you're in.

The Overly Helpful: Hears every request, and without inquiry the task is finished in seconds. Even offers to fix the guild bank tabs for you on a regular basis.

The Stoner: One of the most loyal members you will come across. Really easy to recognize on vent, because they hardly talk, and even when they do it's usually to laugh about something, or argue politics.

The Hothead: Things don't go their way they make it a priority to let everyone else in the guild know what a horrible leader you are, and how they could've done better if it were them you gave all the loot to all the time..Offers help to nobody

The No-Lifer: No matter what time of day /night you log on. They are online. Stay away from these people. They have nothing to lose.

The Sweetheart: Genuinely cares about everyone's well being, personable and sweet. Often used as the guild therapist.

PVP GOD: Pvp is life, that is it. PVE does not exist nor will it ever.

The Young One: Ambitious, always ready for raids unless mom says no. Will stand by your side, until age 16. Then you are the reason for their bad rotation.

The Fill Ins: You have no idea who they are, or who invited them but they are always on. Never talk or offer any sort of attachment to the guild in any way.

God: The one who leads all events and raids, deals with everyone's inevitable communal menstruation, and as always the result of all the glory. 

With the Holiday's hitting, black Friday/boxing day happening, there are incredible deals happening for all aspects of gaming. Peripherals, games, systems, game credits, and bean bag chairs. 

Battlefield 4: Sticks to its signature emergent chaos, that makes multiplayer remarkable. Conquest mode, allows 64 players to have at it, in one great big map on next gen systems, and PC. Obliteration game, where a bomb randomly spawns, both sides fight over acquisitions in getting it to one of three detonation locations on the map. Domination, holding places on the map, where certain modes prefer particular maps. So much to look forward to, alot of console gamers seem to be anticipating this game more than Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag has more than been covered by Gauss so I will excuse it.

2013/2014 Is where it's at.

Kingdom Hearts III
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
The Elder Scrolls Online
Watch Dogs
The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
Star Wars Battlefront

That is all. Happy Weekend :D



  1. A lot going on in today's post lol. I actually think I am the overly helpful a lot of the time. I only mean well though

  2. I actually cannot wait for watchdogs looks awesome