Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! End of the Thanksgiving weekend to all of you weird people with your yearly Thursday holiday. Still don't understand that, but I guess I never will. Actually been a bit of an interesting week for me not only with real life stuff but with the fact Safiree and I might be adding some new things we do. Not 100% sure yet but when I am we will both let you know. It is Sunday which does mean time for some questions so how about we get to them.

Is SC2 done as an ESport?

I really don't know how anyone can say that. With the popularity of the Global finals and more recently the Redbull battlegrounds it really doesn't make sense.  Sure it wasn't at the last MLG but that was because Redbull had the rights. If you are Blizzard would you rather have an event where there are many games or would you rather just be "the game". To me it makes more sense for a viewing point to just be one game. Sure you can get more higher numbers with more games but not everyone is watching everything.

Also I know this wasn't part of the question but still. SC2 isn't LoL and LoL isn't SC2. They are completely different games and you can't compare them. Personally I find LoL more boring to watch than a game of soccer just because of the fact the game is so slow paced for so long it just cannot grab my interest. Throw in the fact that every game is basically the same and it doesn't get any better. I think this is part of the more recent problem with SC2 is there is less build variation because things have become so optimized, which to me is why I was shocked when there was no Legacy of the Void reveal at Blizzcon.

How are you liking the Reaper of Souls content so far?

Now I have watched a few streams and I like it. I like the way it is working and I think it looks very engaging. Makes you want to progress through each section. I think D3 had some spots where you just wanted to get through to get to the next part and you weren't particularly interested in specifics. I think they have done a better part at making each area interesting, which should make some of the people who "hated" the game and played for 1000 hours happy.

Do you hate anything more than XBOX?

Sure there is Halo but then XBOX gave us Halo so I am at a loss.

There you have it this week's questions answered. Hope you got something out of it. Enjoy the restof your weekend!