Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Not to mention the last Sunday of the year. What a crazy year it has been. To think I thought for so long to get the blog started up again. Sure it is a lot of work, but I also have a lot of fun doing it. All of you keeping me on my toes making sure when I push some buttons you never let me forget it. So let's get this last Ask Gauss of the year over with.

What do you think was the biggest surprise of the year?

Honestly, I think it is the shutdown of the auction houses in Diablo III. They put so much into it. They wanted to give players an easy trading option with in game currency, bu then also didn't want 3rd party sites making money off of their game and scamming their customers. So they put all this time making this revolutionary Real Money Auction House. The problem which they recognized is people were able to get top end gear much quicker than they should have been able to. Caused this shift where they had to develop a Monster power system to actually make the game have some sort of difficulty. In the end they shocked us all and said no more Auction houses in Reaper of Souls. Meaning also no more trading. I like the route the game is going now but still doesn't mean after all that time and effort put in I thought they would scrap it.

What is something you learned about the gaming world this year?

People are getting more and more entitled. They want everything given to them for free and really Hearthstone has brought this to light more than any game I can remember, and it is still in beta. You see just because you play a game you don't deserve to have everything. There was a time where it was considered the norm to not be able to finish a game. You would feel proud and accomplished when you actually did it. The sense of accomplishment was there. Now there is this mentality of everyone wins. Sure there are difficulty settings to still have the challenge but when there isn't when you actually have to work at something people complain because there are used to this entitlement crap that has been going around. I am sorry if you are bad live with being bad. Don't try and ruin others experiences because you want to feel like you deserve more. Makes me sick that some of these people call themselves gamers.

Did you have a good Christmas?

As a matter of fact I did. Hoping for an even better New Year

There you have it all questions answered. Thank you to everyone who has sent in questions this year. I enjoy answering them if they are troll or not.

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  1. I tend to agree. The RMAH shutdown even if not till march was a huge surprise after everything which went into it. All the delays for the game and so on and so forth