Thursday, December 26, 2013

You Mad Bro?

Happy Boxing Day or should I say happy mindless shopping? I actually had a great time spending time with my family. Doesn't happen often when a lot of us get together because there is so many of us, but when we do it is quite an event. That though isn't what I want to talk about. You see I was playing Hearthstone the other day and I was playing a warrior deck which can basically be a one turn kill if you play it correctly. It works out like this. At least for the "super hit"

1. Get yourself down to 10 health
2. Have 1 Warsong Commander, 2 Brewmasters(the cheaper cost ones), Molten Giants 2 of them for a 1 turn kill.


  • Play the Commander
  • Play a both Giants for free(since you have 10 health) attack since you have charge with commander
  • Play both Brewmasters and return the Giants to your hand and attack with the Brewmasters
  • Play one of the Giants again for free and attack him
This works out to 8+8+3+3+8 = 30 damage meaning a 1 turn kill.

Now I was doing this and then this random person sent me a Friend Request and this happened.

Let's just say they were angry. Now I know this is a gimmick and will probably be adjusted in the future, but the simple way to deal with it is to realize they are doing it. And don't let them get to 10 Health.

Just for Lightout though have you ever done this?

I think not


  1. Seems like a cheap combo but still pretty hilarious how he reacted

  2. Cool. Is it actually viable or does this require too much luck to get all those cards to drop in a timely fashion?

    1. You cannot just wait for the combo. I have other things in the deck for card draw, board control, and to do damage. All of this is increasingly important if a taunt card is dropped