Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Favorite Boss Fight of 2013

Safiree Saturdays

 Happy Saturday everyone. Hope your Christmas was fantastic. Mine was, until the Doctor Who Christmas special aired. Then I ended up having to change my shirt because I cried all over it. It was torture watching Matt Smith regenerating. UGH! So far, I haven't heard anything on my ticket about my Joker Wardrobe. Yes, i'm pissed off about it. But what can I do. RAH!

 I don't know how much of you are into Batman but... I LOVE HIM. Deathstroke is pretty badass as well. In my opinion Arkham Origin's fight between the two was the best boss fight in all of gaming (2013). Mostly, because of the lore behind it. They really did an amazing job.

With this new year on it's way, I plan on becoming even more of an elitist. 
I blame Gauss...

Happy New year everyone.
Be safe!

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  1. I remember wondering if the fight was ever going to end. Was pretty intense