Friday, December 27, 2013

C'thunian Evolution

Here we are a couple days after Christmas and the "Madness" known as Boxing Day. This being the last Reader Post of the Year I was trying to find one which I thought was interesting and had a good fit to the end of a year or a new start. That is when I came by this one written by Enkhryphor which relates evolution in Warcraft universe specifically C'thun. So here it is

Based on the theory of evolution, Life Azeroth was nonexistent, and over the years thousands of unicellular life forms were appearing in oceans, rivers and lakes, places with water in general. And one of the places where unicellular forms of life appeared was in the well of eternity.

Evolution of unicellular forms near/away the Well of Eternity

As we know , water is the basis of evolution, without water there's no life and without life there's no evolution. With an extremely diverse life in Kalimdor, some microorganisms evolved into diverse forms of life with their own specialties. Over the thousands/millions of years , lifeforms that grew inside the Well of Eternity were able to grow faster and stronger since the Well " pulls " its energy from the infinite Great Dark Beyond. The Well acted as a mystical fount , sending its potent energies across the world to nourish life in all its wondrous forms and just as we have dogs and wolves , cats and lions , some forms of life evolved to a negative state ( i don't want to use "dark side"/evil or similar ), because during their period of evolution their bodies specialized in consume the Well energy and some of the energy corrupted the process of evolution in some levels ( think it like people get cancer for eating/using shit ) . Some variations of the corrupted evolution now can be named as the Silithid . The Energy consumption of the well by the Silithid started to slow since at the early stages they developed legs and wings which allowed then to move thru away land. Some of then, returned from time to time to drink water of the Well, which allowed then to evolve to a superior biological form, the Qiraji. And a Few portion of those forms, by instinct "chose" to stay on the pool, feeding their specialized organisms (already corrupted ) with energy.

Evolution of C'Thun

This theory could be use to create the base of the origin of the "first old God" C'Thun in S. As an organism that kept growing as a "Magical Evil Cancer" along many millions of years with the advantage of some of his parts at his early evolution state developed a abnormal feeding system, which allowed his organism to absorb more energy than needed. That allowed and near impossible evolution rate of this species(Other organisms with that feeding system anomaly would have existed, but they where consumed by the strongest one, until just one left. With the advantage of being the strongest of all, no other could match his power) and granting him an strong advantage among the others.

An important note. I don't have the knowledge of who called C'Thun the "First Old God", But i'm assuming since this "organism" was the first one on Azeroth to have so much power, The Titans gave him this title. Since no other living creature on that planet could match his power.

Like I said an interesting take maybe mostly to me because I enjoy this sort of thing, but maybe you learned something as well.

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  1. Interesting take. Would be interesting to see if Blizzard thought about evolution at all when they developed their worlds