Friday, December 20, 2013

Born To Bitch

So today was going to be the reader post, but there was some big news yesterday that I feel needs to be talked abut. Reaper of Souls has a release date. March 25 2014. Now I would love to point out I was right that it was the week after the Auction Houses were shutting down but I believe anyone could have made that prediction. So why is this big news then you ask? The collectors edition has something interesting stated in it. 3 additional character slots. Now anyone currently in RoS beta can see the amount of character slots is 12. This would mean 2 for every class in whatever combination you desire. Soft and hardcore or male and female to name a few. Why is this 3 character slots a big deal? Well so many people are up in arms about getting the collectors edition being an advantage.

My first thought was, what?

How is this an advantage and forcing those who don't want to buy a collectors edition to buy one? It is not. It is just something extra just like everything else you are getting. Maybe I could see the argument if the auction house was still a thing and you could use it for storage. It's not so you really can't use that excuse. It is just an extra perk that isn't game changing that really some people will never use in the first place.

The other thing I have heard is it is $40 and this is too much for one Act and 1 new class. Maybe it is but this is the standard price for expansions now and really breaking it down to just that with all the new loot and the systems just to make it seem like you are not getting your money worth is kind of stupid to me.

The way I see it. Diablo III is a game I still love to play with others or simply by myself and I will be purchasing this and will enjoy it just as much as those complaining about all of these things.

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  1. People complain about everything. If they didn't that is what would scare me.