Tuesday, December 31, 2013

You Fail At Gaming In 2013 If...

Fail Day! Not to mention the last one of the year at that. So really there was only one thing I could possibly think of to do for Fail Day today. You see some people call themselves gamers, but they just play Call Of Duty 12 hours of day sitting in their mother's basement. So really let's see who does and doesn't fail at gaming this past year.

You Fail At Gaming In 2013 If...

  • You don't remember the whole "used game issue"
  • You have not learn the joys of the life of a pirate
  • A smile isn't put on your face upon hearing "Holy Shit Joel"
  • You were unaware there was a new generation of Consoles
  • You don't know what all of this Warlords Of Draenor thing is all about.
  • You didn't bare witness to the death of Arcturus Mengsk
  • The phrase "Bigger maps will not be available" means nothing to you
  • You didn't catch the name change of Final Fantasy Verus to Final Fantasy XV
  • You didn't know this game called "Rift" went Free to Play
  • You didn't know Blizzard made this card game called Hearthstone which turns minutes of playtime into days
  • You don't miss Aiden
  • You still don't know how awesome Esports is
  • You don't know how Blizzard finally decided on the name of their MOBA
  • You have never heard of this game call GTAV and all those sales records it broke
  • You were not aware of the Uncharted Series coming to PS4

and finally

  • You have used this year to stock up on all things to sell on the RMAH for when Reaper Of Souls comes out.

There you have it. Hope you all enjoyed it. Once again thank you all for the support this year and every year before. Here is to another great year ahead.


  1. Haha awesome stuff as always! Happy New Year to you Sir.

  2. I really cannot wait to see the new Uncharted especially with how awesome TLOU was