Wednesday, December 11, 2013

For It Be As It Must

So here we are waiting for Friday to all go see the new Hobbit movie. So in thinking about this with today being Wednesday I thought what better topic could I come up for this week's list then the best Dragons in gaming. Now there are many awesome dragons and this was actually more difficult then I actually thought it would be when I started to list them off to myself and found out my list needed to be trimmed down quite a bit. So with that in mind here are my choices for the best dragons in gaming.

5. The Divine Dragon - Legend of the Dragoon

The was something just simply epic and awe inspiring about the divine dragon. Not to mention the fact that he was a total bitch of a boss when you were just learning and he was even an ass when you knew what you were doing. Then of course when you got to use his powers there was nothing more satisfying then "DIVINE DRAGON CANNON"

4. Spyro - Spyro Series

Spyro might not be scary or evil but is definitely one of the most iconic dragons in all of gaming. Older gamers will recognize him in all of his PS1 glory days while the younger crowd will know him in the handheld glory. Spyro shows you don't have to be a vicious killing machine to be awesome.

3. Bahamut - Final Fantasy Series

A staple in the Final Fantasy series he always makes a grand entrance. There is nothing quite as terrifying as a Megaflare  about to rain down on you or when you are in control nothing more fist pumping. Even non Final Fantasy fans have to agree this guy is worth mentioning.

2. Alduin - Skyrim

Skyrim is full of Epic dragons but when your name is "the world eater" you are just a cut above the rest of them. This dragon has godlike powers and really just wants to detroy the entire world.He is always trash talking you and constantly fighting until you have that final rage inducing showdown.

1. Deathwing - Warcraft Series

There are dragons and then their is Deathwing. He used to be one of the most revered dragons in all of creation but fell into madness caused by the old gods. He is not only a massive being that cause unless destruction but he has the mind to defeat his foes even by outsmarting them to trick them into being involved in his plans. Sure he was eventually taken down but nothing will ever change my mind on his epicness.

There you have it my best dragons. As always agree or disagree let me know.


  1. Alduin... had to change the difficulty to kill him

  2. Deathwing is your mad cunning dragon Tolkien was all about. He can think and just isn't a maddening beast. I think Chris Metzen deserves a lot of credit by not only staying true to the fantasy vision JRR stood for but for making it his own. Deathwing is not only a great dragon but a great character in his own right.

  3. Is there a Deathwing quote which isn't epic? But still a great choice for the title