Tuesday, December 24, 2013

You Fail At Being In The Christmas Spirit As A Gamer If...

Fail Day and a Merry Christmas Eve to all you people who celebrate Christmas and insert "blah blah blah" to all the people I am supposed to be politically correct to. Christmas Eve. Crazy time this time of year is even for us gamers. Sometimes as gamers we fail to get in the spirit of the holidays so that is what this Fail Day is all about. So sit back and have a laugh at yourself.

You Fail At Being In The Christmas Spirit As A Gamer If...
  • This will cause your dailies to not to be completed on a series of days
  • One of your teammates will be gone fore the holidays
  • There is no new games coming out you are interested in playing
  • The new games you are interested in playing are coming out for a system you do not yet own
  • You received the game you wanted but it was for Xbox instead of Playstation
  • You have no excuse as to why you cannot go to such and such house so you can stay home and game
  • Had to get people gifts instead of renewing your game subscription
  • The servers went down and there is no one to repair them because they are at home enjoying the holidays
  • You suffer a wrist injury from the constant playing of Wii Sports
  • The words "Let's play Kinnect it's fun" have ever been said while you are in the room
  • Some of your family members are die hard Halo fans
  • You have yet to finish such and such a game but don't worry everyone has the spoilers for you
  • You have to explain why Esports is a thing
  • All of your family tends to ask "What are you wasting your time on now?"
and finally
  • Christmas falls on a Raid Night and you are up for loot
There you go this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all had a good laugh. Merry Christmas once again to all of you.


  1. i once had a guild that broke apart because christmas threw everything off schedule and three people were relying on game time as a present *healers...

  2. Hey being up for loot is a big deal