Monday, December 2, 2013

Just Another Morning

Happy Monday everyone the first Monday of December even. Time really has flown by and now I have to start thinking about Christmas because it is actually December. Can no longer ignore it. Before any of that though I we have Machinima Monday to deal with. The post of the week where I showcase a video of the Machinima, Animation ro live action variety for all of you to see. This week's is brought to you by AFK Players. It isn't often I come across a machinima which is at another level. One of my favourites of all time Divided Soul is one of those. This one titled "Just Another Morning" is a masterpiece. Everything about it is simply amazing and whenever there is a shout out to Cairne I can't help to shed some manly tears. All I can say is I have no idea how this couldn't have won at Blizzcon and may really be the greatest Machinima I have ever watched. Enjoy

Lok'tar Ogar...


  1. That was amazing. I am really impressed

  2. Wow how have I not seen this. Simply amazing