Thursday, December 5, 2013

Guest Play

When you thought EA couldn't do anything else to piss you of they find a way to do it. One of the best features ever added to EA sports games and been removed from the current generation. Guest Play. Let's be honest if you have played EA sports games you know that the single player is a season is some form or another which is the same every time. Why? Because the actual sport doesn't change from year to year that much. So most of the fun was playing with someone else. This changed when online play became a thing and you were then able to play against others all around the world and was made even better when guest play was introduced. You could play with that buddy of yours in the same room against another pair of people online. It made the online experience that much more fun.

Sadly those days appear to be coming to an end. In the current generation FIFA game this feature has been removed. You are no longer able to play with someone else in the guest play online mode. Why? Well EA has been pretty quiet on this subject but it really comes down to money. They don't want people playing the most played feature, which is online play for free. Essentially they don't like that buddy of yours sitting in  your room somewhere not having paid for their game playing online for free. This is a way to force them to get their copy if they want online play.

EA wants you to be anti social so they can make more money off their audience. When I was a kid there was not many things better than playing some games with my friends when I got older doing so online made it even more fun. Part of the reason people still play consoles over PCs is you can play with others in the same room. How long till they remove this? You may think that is nuts but removing one of the most played features out of greed seemed pretty crazy to me also.

EA keeps giving me more and more reasons to not support them and its sad because they really were one of my favourites when I was growing up. Crazy how times change.


  1. speaking of ea and how horrible they are, the 2p mode is completely removed from nba live 13, so the boneheads that bought that game instead of 2k cant even play with their friends sitting in the room right next to them, ~Khul

  2. Not sure how many more reasons there can be to hate EA

  3. EA just keeps going down. Do they ever get tired of ruining their fan bases?