Friday, December 13, 2013


So I have been playing a lot of Hearthstone lately. I actually like the new ranking system that they have put in. It is rewarding and fun. I also like the change to allow for more arena wins. I got to 9 wins a couple times and I I always wanted to see how far I could go. Now I have the chance. With all of this in mind a lot of the players in the Hearthstone community have been complaining about "the mage" how you cannot beat the mage, how it is unfair. Now I am of the group where sure there could be some tweaking to things but for the most part when I lose to a mage I either did something stupid and should have lost, or I happened to get a bad draw. So with it being the Reader Post I decided to go with a post from Vatenkeist have a read and breathe

So, we’re kind of at a point now where the cards aren't overpowered, but people have figured out how to play and we know what is dominant. Cards don’t need to be changed when something is dominant, there always has to be something that is the winner. Mage isn't unbeatable, it’s only recently that these forums are lighting up about it... All of these cards were in place after the first patch and no one complained about the deck (because no one, minus a handful of people noticed it), everyone complained about priest instead. That is a great example of the term “flavor of the month”, which I believe this situation is. 

Mages are played in a variety of ways right now, and they have 2 really strong builds (neither of them are unbeatable). Now that everyone is seeing that mage is popular it’s time to make your deck to beat the mage deck if you are so inclined, this is called meta gaming. For most card games you don’t ban/change something every time a deck becomes dominant. Because, if we change something with mages now, then within a week afterwards there will be more complaining about something else and cries to change it, that practice is considerably less fun that actually playing against priest or the mage control deck in it of its self. 

We’re finally at the point where everyone has explored all the cards, so we kind of need to accept things until another set of cards comes to hopefully spice things up and keep things fresh and create new decks. It’s tough to accept and realize that people need to put up with the hype and the angst directed toward mage right now and just wait for new things. 

People have gone so far as to make forum threads talking about adding diminishing returns to effects… That is the last thing anyone should do. It’s in extremely poor taste to do something like that! You don’t want to have a hidden clause that isn't readily apparent. I imagine scenarios where new players play frost nova and then attempt to again and are shocked to see it doesn't work because no one reads a buff/aura something on the minions stating they can’t be frozen again, horrible. Also such a change effects under 10 cards, which just seems like a waste of time for something so intricate of a implementation. 

I feel like we don’t need to see any changes, other than getting story mode soon J which will give us more cards. There is at least one deck out there that stone cold beats mages 95% of the time, some people are adapting and I’m glad to see it. Any changes to mage now just affect ranked play (there isn't even prizes yet) and do nothing for arena, and therefore are not needed imho. 

Give it a shot, try new things and have fun!

Thank you once again to everyone who submitted something. Enjoy your weekend and The Hobbit movie I know I will be.

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  1. The mage is quite strong because board control decks are great against the aggro meta at the current time. We are just seeing a transition of the meta and people need to stop over reacting