Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday and didn't this week go by crazy fast. Not even the week this year didn't it? Seems like just the other day I started the blog up again and here we are starting the week of Christmas. Crazy stuff really. Everyone got some plans for the holidays? Keeping yourself busy some way or another? Even with all of this going on it still is Sunday so it does mean we have some questions to answer. So here goes.

Did you watch the Heroes Of The Storm Q&A? What are your thoughts?

Yes I did watch it and the biggest thing I saw in the Q&A was the excitement from the art director. I don't think anyone can argue Blizzard has some wonderful and amazing art throughout their games. From armor sets in WoW to worlds in Starcraft to dungeons in Diablo. So when these artist that we enjoy seeing the things they create are excited about making art for a game.

The game itself we learned really nothing new from it besides that they want to create more specialist heroes. To me more heroes is better so that is a plus in my book. Not to mention they want it make the game fully integrated socially which at the moment is the major reason it is not into beta at them moment. Now they were resistant to give a beta release date but I suspect it will be out into beta by February don't know why just have a feeling.

Mage nerfs in Hearthstone your thoughts?

To me I always thought Cone of Cold should have been 4 mana just seems a little bit too cheap for what it did. The frost nova change is more of a push to people using arcane explosion which I still think is an awful spell the way it is. I would almost love it to see a cost increase and do 2 damage across the board but not sure it will happen. The Blizzard change is the biggest change to me and is the reason I think mages will decline in popularity. Well control mages at least are you going to have 2 blizzards  and 2 flamstrikes or just 2 flamestrikes and get some other minions? The change they didn't make I think is the best one they didn't touch Pyroblast, Sure it does 10 damage but that is all it does and a mage has to get to that point to use it. By nerfing the control effects they pretty much made 2 pyroblasts in a deck very hard to pull off.

What do you want for Christmas?

My friends Hardcore characters in Diablo not to die.

There you have it this week's questions answered. Hope you all got something out of it. Enjoy what is left of your weekend.


  1. I am pretty excited for heroes looks like the kind of MOBA I could actually get into for more than a couple weeks.

  2. sorry to hijack your blog. Speaking about blizzards art directors Chris Robinson (Senior Art Director) made some sub races skins and is merely toying with the idea theirs a poll over on mmo champ right now about subraces in wow along with some great screen shots. everyone should take a look. Also I would like to thank Gauss for the Christmas wish. merry Christmas everyone! ~Khul