Saturday, December 21, 2013

Something witty

Safiree Saturdays 

 Happy Saturday everyone :) My week has been crazy. Believe it or not, I went raiding with my guild the other night (in Rift, not WoW). First time i've raided since doing it with Gauss and Three Score. I was so nervous lol. Then once things got going, I rediscovered why I stopped raiding in the first place rather quickly. These days i'm so much more ADHD with gaming lol. Being tied down to a raid group for hours on end definitely isn't my thing anymore.

 Also, was our guilds first raid. Me and most others don't even PVE much in Rift. I'm all about pvping, and ruining other peoples days. All things considered, we did pretty great picked up learning the fights rather quickly, and progressed along with each mistake that was made. So good on us Veridian Dynamic. Also, shame on you Rift. Everytime I turn around there is something that looks way too similar to WoW. Triumph of the Dragon Queen(raid) looked almost exactly like Ulduar. Although, that is what most gaming companies do. Nothing original just the same concept but with a tweak to the stories. Guess I expect too much.

 Found out that Reaper of Souls will be coming out 2 days before my birthday. March 25th, anyone else so uncontrollably excited for this? I certainly am :D 

 Fae Yule event in Rift is by far greater than the Christmas events in WoW. In my opinion that is. There is this huge mountain you can sled down, and run over snowmen on the way down. This probably excites me more than it should lol. I made Gauss log on to try it out and he said I was retarded. So there's that. LOL. 

 I'm not sure, if you guys know but in Rift, you can build up your own wardrobe from sets they sell in the Rift store or even just random gear you find. I wanted to finish off my Joker outfit but couldn't because in Rift female characters get to choose between only a skirt, or a dress. Here and there you might come across some pants. I can't buy the suit that I need! So, I opened a ticket. "How am I supposed to rampage Gotham city in a wedding garb? Why is it that I can't access the tuxedo?! Also note, no i'm not a lesbian. I just have no life" So we'll see where that ticket gets me haha.

 Hope you guys have the best Christmas! Hope this one brings you all the joy you desire.

Love, Safiree


  1. The ywill probably just give you a bullshit response and tell you they are working on it.