Thursday, December 19, 2013

End Of An Era?

So I recently watched this

For those of you who didn't watch it it is a reveal or tour of Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. Now I can say the game looks great. Well polished and a story which seems will be a great ending to the Lightning Saga. I have no complaints at all about it. So you might ask yourself what is this post about?

Well when wat ching this video I thought to myself. Is this really the end of the classic turn based RPGs? This game to me is more of a ARPG is it not? Now I love ARPGs but Final Fantasy has always been its own thing. A game which is masterful for what it is and what it has been. Does this mean Final Fantasy is leaving the turn based style behind for the future? Who knows, but if so what would this mean? Maybe the most iconic series in gaming will be going through a major change. Am I ok with this? I think I am ok with it but I am not saying it wouldn't be weird. I will say it was funny them advertising a game where a character could jump. If it was any other game people would laugh and say WTF. In Final Fantasy this is a big deal. Like I said funny and a weird thing at the same time.

I for one am excited not only for this game but for what the future will bring to this series in the future. What do you all think is this massive change an end to an era of gaming that has spanned decades or is this just a game which is a change from the norm?

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  1. Changing for the good in my books. Turned based is really old school