Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Life For Aiur

Merry Christmas everyone! For those who don't celebrate Christmas well a Merry Christmas to you too! Now with today being Wednesday and being all about lists and it being Christmas I figured I would make a list of my top 5 favourite Christmas gifts gamer wise as far back as I can possibly remember. Now this may date me but who the hell cares it is Christmas!

5. Castlevania III Dracula's Curse

Way back in a time when games were fun even though they were stupid hard I woke up Christmas morning to open this game. I played it to death not only that day but for years afterwards. An extremely difficult game which was tons of fun. I played adventure games before this one namely the previous Castlevania games but this is the game which truly made me love them.

4. Beanbag Gamer Chair

So this was a gift when I saw it there under the tree I was just excited because it was the biggest gift there. When you are a kid even a big kid the biggest gift being yours is a thing of beauty. Such a simple gift which made me feel like I was awesome. We would have competitions just to see who would get to sit in the chair. Before it bit the dust it was busted open distorted it all kinds of places but it was still my chair and it was still awesome.

3. NBA Street Vol. 2

So let me first say I am not really a fan of basketball or NBA games in general. So upon opening this I was unsure. After playing it I realized it wasn't anything remotely close to a real basketball game. You were more concerned with doing all these crazy tricks and the score just ended up being the thing which ended the game. And how could we ever forge the announcer 

2.  NHL 94

This game start a tradition. I received the newer addition of this game year after year. It almost became the thing. I never had to ask for the new NHL it just happened regardless. Love my hockey and love my Leafs and this just always fit.

1. Starcraft

I was always a gamer before this but this is the game that got me really seriously into gaming. It was competitive and I have always been an extremely competitive person. I thrived in this environment and this game is the reason I am the gamer I am today. So you can thank my father for purchasing this for me. Now if only I can one day actually explain to him how to play it.

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