Wednesday, December 4, 2013

She Smiled Till The End

Hey hey! Middle of the week start of December and way too many people have Christmas lights up. Maybe it is not the Christmas lights that bother me but those mammoth lawn blow up things of random Christmas things. I guess I should be happy that people still think it is "correct" to actually put up Christmas lights I can only imagine some places you cannot celebrate your holiday publicly because it would happen to offend someone. Anyways off topic. It's Wednesday which means I have to put some sort of top 5 list thing together. So what is going on this week? Well I decided to go with my top unexpected things which have happened in games to me. Now obviously there will be spoilers hear so keep that in mind and don't say all sorts of crap about how I ruined the game. You were warned.

5. Samus Is A Girl - Metroid

Let's face it in this day in age this wouldn't be much of a shocker. Back then though when you were jumping around shooting random things in the epic side-scrolling game with horrible jumping mechanics which made you rage it was. I was always assumed and maybe wrongfully Samus was in fact a guy. It was to be expected of games of the day. So when the credits ended and the helmet was removed and you see her well it was quite the shock.

4. Ethan Mars Cuts off his Finger - Heavy Rain

Here you are desperately trying to find your son. To save your son from this crazy Origami killer. You have done countless things already which were to the point of insanity and you finally think you are getting somewhere when this happens. You are told you must cut off your finger. Sure it can happen in many different ways but in the end the finger is gone and you actually do it. The whole time I was thinking this wasn't actually going to happen. Something is going to stop this but he did it. He truly would do anything for his son.

3. James Killed His Wife - Silent Hill

Not only is this game on a whole new level of creepy and insane but there is this women who you see die over and over again and you are wondering what the hell is going on. Every time she has no recollection of the previous time you just saw her die. This all comes to the end when you find out James has gone nuts and he killed his wife and this is why this "thing" has been going on the entire time. Ya a messed up finished to an especially messed up game.

2. Joker Dies - Arkham City

You see Batman really isn't Batman without the Joker. Without the Joker who is Batman really? There is  the moment when Batman is holding the antidote in his hand and he is thinking if he is going to give it to him. You know for story purposes that he has to think about it but in the end he is not going to kill him and is going to give it to him. Then of course the vial breaks and he no longer can give it to him The Joker dies... Then this seen where super hero is carrying the super villain out just on a whole new level. This actually happened you are watching it and yet you still cannot believe it.

1. Aerith Death - FFVII

There are moments in gaming you will never forget. Sure this is a moment in which has been talked about in gaming forever and probably will go on being talked about forever. This moment was iconic gamers and non gamers alike know of this moment that was the shock this caused. Sure I didn't like playing her as a character but when it happened you were still wowed how a main character could just be killed off not even half way into the game.

There you go my what the hell just happened moments. What did you think? Any you think should be on here?


  1. I understand why you put the Samus is a girl option here but it really shouldn't be shocking. Kind of wrong that was even a shock to so many people really speaks to the time of the game.

  2. One of the best parts of this list is trying to figure out where the title came from. This one I knew having played way too much FFVII

  3. Maybe because I heard so much about it before I actually played it but Aerith death wasn't too much of a shock for me. Now that I am thinking about it that makes sense on why it wasn't. I would still go with Serah's death at the end of XIII-2 as more shocking although that was also rage inducing

  4. I tend to think the killing of the Villain is always much more shocking then the killing of a hero but that is just me