Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You Fail At Voting For Game Of The Year If...

Fail Day! So this Fail Day post is really just about my frustration. My frustration at people who think they know anything about gaming who are incharge of voting or just picking games of the year. Honestly this really doesn't need much lead in so let's do thing thing

You Fail At Voting For Game Of The Year If...

  • You ever thought about or ever did vote for an Xbox exclusive
  • You ever thought about any game in the Call of Duty franchise being the it
  • You believe extremely well written stories are nothing to write home about
  • You believe the the best maybe ever the best game ever made doesn't deserve game of the year
  • You dislike Final Fantasy 7 so therefore you recognize nothing it did for gaming
  • You believe Halo is awesome
  • You think League of Legends requires more skill than Starcraft
  • You dislike Diablo III because it was the cool thing to do
  • You don't appreciate backgrounds and music within the setting of the game
  • You have no idea what the sound sounds like in the game you voted for because you always turn the sound off
  • You would never vote for a game without multiplayer
  • You believe games with animated graphics are only for children
  • You think making a game hard makes it unfun

and finally

  • You honestly believe GTAV is the game of the year.

Hope you all enjoyed it and learned a little something.


  1. Don't know how anyone couldn't pick The Last Of Us

  2. Even though I'm not a fan of those "game of the year awards" I must say your opinion is as biased and subjective as theirs. There is no such thing as a "best game", it depends on people's preferences...

    1. I would agree it is personal preference, but when people all around the gaming world are unanimous in this decision and then a game which by all means is a good game is beaten out but what my be the best game ever not only the game of the year. So if it was just me then yes but it hasn't been and like I said for those who think it is better by all measn tell me why

  3. K guess I should weigh in, Ive played a lot of games starting on c64 25 years ago, if ive played every genre and every game and I can differentiate between the meloncoly and the extravagant, Example "the search for ceatus" on windows 3.1 may have been a childish eco friendly game but had a great story and was perfect for its target audience, so wouldn't "halo" while its no unreal tournament it is a contender for action shooter., and if gauss has the same history of gameing as I do and he says a game is the best he's ever played, I don't need to play it to know its true. just saying someone is biased doesn't mean anything. but then I liked ff8 more than anything that came after it so what do I know.