Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You Will See Him Soon

Happy New Year! Hope you are alive and well. Hopefully you made those resolutions you will be breaking by the end of the month. Now don't go on saying that you won't break them because honestly I don't believe you and you don't believe yourself when you were saying it. Regardless today is Wednesday so it is time for some sort of list. What better way to get excited for the new year by posting my favourite moments while gaming the past year. This way we can see if this year will be topping it.

5. The Meltdown

So here we were playing SimCity and having a great time. We had one of the top ranked Regions in the world when Safiree decided she wanted to know what would happen if her Nuclear Plant had a meltdown. Not only did it destroy her city but our entire region was massacred. So ya that is what happens. I will always be sure to never let her forget this one.

4. Beating Magicka

So this is a game we just decided to start playing for shits and giggles, and it turns it it was one of the best co-op games I may have ever played. We had a ton of fun with it as you may know it just makes fun of pretty much every other game I play.

3. Serenity

I was leveling my Hardcore Monk in Diablo III. Now I have always played this on Monster Power 10 which basically is possibly the dumbest way to level a Hardcore Character, but it does make for the most insane "one shots" and "WTF" moments. A sad moment when my serenity was on and some how the bull still was able to kill me. I will though complete this stupid quest of leveling a hardcore character to 60 only using monster power 10.

2. Mengsk Being Killed

I love Starcraft and not only for the multiplayer but for the story itself. I appreciate the work the writers put into it. I have been playing from the very start and I remember not only helping Mengsk when he was part of the Sons of Korhal but I remember when he became leader of the Terran Dominion with the most epic of evil speeches. So when Kerrigan enter that room and confronted him I knew all the shit which was happening in that moment. It is not often that a villain dying right happens in a game but this was, and something I will not soon forget.

1. The Last Of Us

This game was a masterpiece and is an experience I will not soon forget. The only thing I disliked about this game was that it ended. I hope we get something maybe not to the exact level but at least closer to this type of level this year.

There you have it my gaming moments of the year. What have been some of your favourites? What do you hope for in the New Year? I can tell you I am excited for what is coming looks to be a great year.


  1. Happy New Year Gauss!

    Dem feels on The Last Of Us pic. Also you stumped me on the title of the post where is it from?

    1. It is from SC2 and a reference to Amon

  2. "It's Ok Baby we're safe" /cry.....

  3. Why in the hell would you play hard-core on MP10 you are insane lol

    1. because its the hardest thing that game has to offer too bad something simple like ooze on the floor can kill ya in any difficulty. ~kHUL