Friday, January 17, 2014

Something We Don't Know?

Friday! I know I know everyone is excited maybe not for the same reasons but you are nonetheless excited. Who knows maybe you are excited to see what is going on this week for the Reader Post. Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about what the Reader Post submission actually needs to be. Does it have to be a certain length? Does it have to be about certain topics? The answer is No. I just has to be something interesting. Like today's is just something small from Lavannah who discovered something on the Timeless Isle and has been wondering since this is supposed to be removed from time what does it mean.

A few days back my sister suddenly flipped a table over a question from Timewalker Historian Evelyna on the Timeless Isle. It asked what the name of Varian's first wife was. At first thought I didn't see the issue, but then she brought up that the question specifically mentioned Varian's "first wife". Officially so far, Varian has only had one wife, Tiffan (Tiffan Ellerian Wrynn for the answer to the Timewalker question). 

This could just be the devs trolling the lorehounds, or it might allude to something later down the line, or it was meant to be nothing at all. 

Since my sister was a dork and didn't get a screen grab of it when she first saw it, I went and likely pissed off Evelyna and got every question intentionally wrong until the one I wanted popped up. Here's the proof of the question. What do you think any thoughts?

Honestly this is a really interesting question. Although I believe it is correct English to say first wife regardless, but feel "late wife" would be the completely correct way to say it. This really is interesting to me indeed but they I am all about the Lore and to everyone else probably answers it without thinking.

Keep this in your thoughts throughout the weekend!

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  1. Well, although it is technically not wrong to refer to what we think was his only wife so far as his first wife, it sounds a little strange. Definitely implies a second. Not sure I would want my husband -- we've been happily married for 10 years, neither of us married before -- to introduce me at a party as his "first wife"!