Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You Fail At Pet Battles If...

Fail Day! Yes it has already been a week, I know it surprised me as well. Normally I have a mass of topics I could do for Fail Day not to mention many of you sending in requests of topics I should do. This coming week though I thought I would do one I have been putting off. So much so I didn't take a new screenshot for it. I started Pet battling because Safiree, Khulk, and I have been doing all the quests throughout Pandaria together. So while one or both of the others was unavailable I did these to pass the time. I never was into the whole Pokemon thing so the whole experience is rather new to me, but is like other things I have played. With that in mind let's do this thing.

You Fail At Pet Battles If...
  • You don't spend at least 10 minutes having serious discussion about the names of your pets
  • You don't track pets
  • When you started playing you kept complaining about OP rats
  • You caught a Fire beetle just for the explosion ability
  • You think average pet level makes leveling pets in PvP stupid
  • You want players to free your broom
  • You leveled your first pets to 25 without actually checking out their abilities because you thought they were cool
  • You use a turtle pet
  • You use the Baneling Bust ability when it is your last pet alive
  • You screamed WTF when facing your first Undead opponent
  • You wonder why all these people are visiting Shadowmoon Valley
  • You forgot there is not a boat in Darkshore for the Horde anymore

and finally
  • You don't fear the power of Steve
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Feel free to tell me I don't know much of anything about Pet Battles.

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