Saturday, January 25, 2014

Requiescat in Pace, AREEEEESSSSSSSSS!!

Safiree Saturdays

Happy Saturday everybody. I'm hoping your beginning to 2014 isn't going too bad. Gauss and I have been rep grinding Pandaria like champions. It's insane how many you need for exalted. Honestly, if it weren't for Gauss keeping me in line, I wouldn't do a single daily ever. They are terrible :(

 Alot has been announced for the familiar games of our preferences. Reaper of Souls, and the next patch for Starcraft II. I have a feeling, alot of the newer features coming in the new patch for Starcraft will be very much abused. I can just imagine how many dicks are going to ruin it for everyone. Isn't that how it goes. 

 I dropped Rift completely. Things went south in the guild I was in, and I got to the point where there really was't anymore content I could explore. And fuck all that pvp grinding, and PA farming. lol So many of my friends have been talking about their excitement for Elder Scrolls online. Will be subscription based, obviously...but I think overtime It will end up f2p. I don't know how I'd feel picking up ANOTHER mmo rpg.. lol there are only so many I can commit to. World of Warcraft will always be very special to me. You all know why :)

 Earlier in the week I was contacted, and informed about, one of my readers creating a mobile app for screenshots. They made it easy to share, and display screenshots and even make it possible for guilds to create albums for boss kills etc. Tons of other features, I thought it was a brilliant idea, and since they are loyal to this blog, it's only proper I give them the loudest shout out :D

More info @ 

 Anyways, hope your weeks are fantastic. Again, thank you for the amazing screenshots you've sent. Keep them coming. Oh, and btw I finally got exalted with the Cloud Serpent people. Got my mount, and it's so awesome. We've finally begun the beginning of Siege of Orgrimmar. Breath taking so far.  :D:D:D

Title is of 2 different games.
Guess which.


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    1. lol, it changes from that phase to my normal characters face but with a draft coming off. Think it's called The crown of winter....maybe? :D Im obsessed with arthas menethil. Gauss makes fun of me for wearing it. :D:D