Tuesday, January 7, 2014

You Fail At Coming Back To WoW If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week, and really this last week has been crazy in so many respects. I think I may have finally got through the mass of emails which invited themselves to my inbox. It is amazing what announcing coming back to WoW will do. I have got everything from guild invites, offers to power level, auction house advice, gear crafting suggestions and so much more I can not even think of them all. With all of this in mind though I have come to the conclusion for the perfect Fail Day post this week. So here it is.

You Fail At Coming Back To WoW If...
  • You cannot remember all the names of the addons you used to use
  • Your bags were still filled to the brim the last to you were online
  • You are not prepared to answer the question "Are you the real Gauss?" countless times a day
  • You don't visit Thunderbluff
  • You didn't miss the "Why is your mount always in the way?" comments
  • You do not realize how concerned with people telling you about the Timeless Isle
  • You don't take countless amounts of screen shots
  • You are not ready for the "Do you remember me moments?"
  • You are still not furious about not having a turtle
  • You don't make random Hearthstone comments about mobs you come in contact with
  • You didn't miss people threatening to report you
  • You are not able to keep up with multiple conversations about the same thing 
  • Bagelllord doesn't greet you with a hello

and finally
  • You think you wouldn't be asked for Pi within seconds of being online.
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Also a special thanks to everyone who has offered their help in anyway you did. Much appreciated.


  1. Nice pic and what would WoW be without Pi?

  2. Welcome back. You have no idea how happy some of us are to see you, and we're the other faction.