Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Frostmourne Hungers

Weapons. Those iconic weapons we see from games are something that when we see them the memories and the conversations begin. Which brings me to the topic for this week's list. I thought I would state what I feel are some of the most iconic weapons from games. When i decided to do the list I then made the decision it would be 1 weapon from a particular game or series as to not get so many repeats. Then I realized this was actually going to be a really difficult list to form just based on not only choosing 5 but choosing a weapon a weapon to represent a series in general. So here they my 5 iconic weapons.

5. Soul Calibur

In a game filled with countless weapons there is one which stands out from all the others. It so happens it is the one which is a symbol of all that is good wielded by the true champion. Regardless of all that it is pretty awesome looking sword in its multiple variations of the years. The one seen above from Soul Calibur 4 being my favourite.

4. The Hidden Blade

You would be hard pressed to find a gamer who doesn't know what the hidden blades are or where they came from. In fact they probably know more about the hidden blades then they do about specific Assassins or the games themselves. So with that being true these silent out of no where killers make the list pretty easily.

3.  El'druin

The sword of justice beats out all other possibilities from the Diablo Universe and I don't think anyone could argue with that. Tyrael is probably the most recognizable hero from the franchise even in his current "mortal" state. El'druin's light most certainly has helped me through many a challenges.

2. Frostmoure

I went back and forth on what weapon was going to represent Warcraft, but even with so many choices all of which could have made a list like this I don't think you could argue with Frostmourne. The sword which destroyed a Paladin who all he wanted to do was save his kingdom and in the end just lost his soul.

1. The Buster Sword

I don't think there is any doubt on what is the most iconic weapon in gaming. Maybe the Buster Sword is because it is so ridiculous? Maybe it is because of the ones who wielded it? Regardless of why I don't think there is a gamer around love or hate doesn't know about the Buster Sword and that to me is why I couldn't not put it at number one. So even if I wasn't a Final Fantasy fanatic there would be no way arguing this.

There you have it my top 5 iconic weapons from games. Would you have chose differently? Probably but I really don't think there is an argument to be made against any of these but I am sure I will hear it anyway.


  1. Warglaives? Think I would have gone with them

  2. Buster sword without question I agree some of the others I may have an argument with but that is normal

  3. Frostmourne is what it is all about.