Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Dreamt I Was A Moron

Middle of the week already? That is the first thing I thought about when I started to throw ideas around for this week's list post. Then it got me thinking how some things in a game are so obvious and thrown out there you wonder how so many people never pick up on them. It is like they cannot see what is right in front of them. You then get into arguments with them how this and that is not true or that never happened, or there was never any proof. This is when having the conversation with myself turned into how I have to make a list about this. My top 5 obviously things in games people never picked up on. Now if you haven't played these games there is some spoilers here so keep this in mind before you go complaining about spoilers.

5 Vlad Is A Vampire - Magicka

So this one is rather silly and obvious but some people think it is a joke and not actually true. Even after the whole must kill the vampire level. Setting the record straight for everyone Vlad is a Vampire.

4. Drake and Elena are Married - Uncharted Series

So this one is a little less obvious, but the writing is on the walls the entire time. With the "ring" that mattered along with being separated along with the scene I chose for the picture. Everything points to this without it actually being said. Anyone who thinks otherwise honestly makes me facepalm every time.

3.  Assassin's Creed Games Contain Real History

You would be surprise how many people argue against this. There is even some stats on how you can learn more about history from Assassin's Creed then in an actually history course. You know tose little pop ups about the buildings you encounter that crap wasn't made up it was true. Along with the people you encounter. This is why the stories seem to make sense and fit in so well because they were created into real history.

2. Haschel is Dart's Grandfather - Legend of the Dragoon

I have had this argument with people over and over. They always quote Albert saying how common a name of Claire is. They also never talk about the singing or martial arts which disprove the whole naming theory. Haschel even figures it out and when his part of the Divine Tree comes he doesn't want Dart to know jsut yet.

1. Laguna is Squall's Father - Final Fantasy 8

This one is less obvious, but the conversation before "the end" is the final push towards this. It is never explicitly stated but signs point towards it. The whole "sis" thing and squall remembering certain things which no one else tends to remember even though they all have memory issues. The way Edea describes everything to him after she is saved. I am sure a lot of you are now having mindblown moments now, but just let it all sink in.

There you have it this week's list. Do any of you know anything worth mentioning? Think of one I for lack of better words obviously missed? Let me know. 


  1. Wait what? Vlad is a vampire?

  2. I learned more about the american revolution from Assassin's Creed III then I ever did in school