Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Fail At LFR If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week. You know when I first started Fail Day I thought Tuesday was the perfect day because it was the day raids reset in WoW and Fail and the first day of raiding for the week tended to go hand and hand. Still unsure why this was true but it never failed. As most of you know I took quite the breaking from WoW and now being back and max level I have gotten my first taste of LFR. With all my previous raiding experience I have always wondered how this would go, and well now we have a Fail Day for it.

You Fail At LFR If...
  • You expect to have fights explained to you
  • You love to experience the joys of standing in many different types of things covering the ground
  • Swapping targets and the word hard go hand in hand
  • You think topping the DPS meters matters
  • You think topping any meters matters
  • You happen to get a rez timer
  • You think it is everyone else's job to follow the mechanics
  • You are not prepared to deal with people who are "awesome"
  • You think it counts as raiding
  • While explaining anything you use the words tab targeting
  • You think you are better than others because you have a whole set of "normal" gear
  • You don't think LFRs only point is to make sure everyone can seethe content
  • Your main concern is what pet you will be showing off during the raid

and finally
  • You actually think this will prepare you for real raiding
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it more than being in your latest LFR.

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  1. LFR is its own little adventure looking to have many stories from it the more you do it.