Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'll Be Going Too, Of Course

Here we are another Wednesday and time for another list. Before we get to that though a little background on today's list. You know when you are playing a game and there is someone who talks and talks or just bothers you so much you just wish they would die or injured in such a way that you never had to deal with them again? I know you are all smiling and nodding right now. Well that is what today's list is about. Those characters you just wish death upon.

5. Aerith

Ok so her death was sad. Really sad, but that didn't stop me from hating her endlessly while going through the game. I never understood why people liked playing her or would level her up to 99 and be angry they killed her off. She was bad, like awful bad and really your party was worse if you used her. I remember being so angry when I was forced to use her and she would continually die all the time. I was so angry because she was taking XP away from the character I could be using. So yes her death was sad and shocking but doesn't mean I deep down didn't want it to happen.

4. Tails

So Tails could do everything Sonic could do but he could also fly. Awesome so why not instead of struggling all the time and mimicking Sonic you could actually help? Like I have never been so frustrated with a video game character in my life. I not only wished Tails dead the name Tails actually makes me visibly angry.

3. Leah

Ok so we get it you want to open a damn Inn somewhere. You did stuff with your awesome Uncle, which doesn't make you awesome. When she says "not today monsters" I would rather viciously hit her with my weapons then hit the damn monsters. She actually makes me consider muting the game when she is with you. I was actually not upset or angry at all when her soul was lost and she will never get to open her Inn. I think I actually smiled knowing that.

2. Penelo

Final Fantasy XII is somewhat known as an oddball of the series. Regardless of that there is a true amount of hate and anger I have towards Penelo. I have never played as her character let alone spent any points for her in the leveling process. If she dies at any point when I was required to use her I actually don't even bother reviving and wait for the game to do it for me. I am not even 100% sure why I hate her so much just got under my skin so much and I find her completely useless.

1. Lakitu

Nobody has even not known they were going the wrong way in the history of a Mario Kart. All that was accomplished by telling you was making you even more angry at what was going on. Also we saw you again when we fell off a track and you picked us up and heard our endless bitching on how such and such was unfair. We hate you we all hate you and I am pretty sure humanity would be better off not knowing you.

There you have it this week's list. Let me know what you think or do you have someone who you think would have been a better fit? Let me know.


  1. Wow was not expecting to see Aerith on this list but I am not surprised Penelo is here

  2. so much anger. But I can relate so it is all good.

  3. Maybe she is opening her Inn in hell now. Never know.