Thursday, January 30, 2014

Heroes Q&A

So last week there was a big Q&A about the upcoming game Heroes of the Storm. You know Blizzard's launch into the MOBA market. Now I am actually pretty excited about this game. Not only because I love Blizzard games and their characters which is what this game will be full of but because of how they are making their game for the MOBA genre. You see I have played quite a few MOBAs and my main problem with them is a single player can influence a game in a negative way. Now this could be because they are skilled at what they are doing or because they are really bad and pump up the other team. In Heroes because of team leveling this will not nearly be as much about how an individual plays but how well they lay as a team.

For example if you play team games in Starcraft II(I know team games are kind of stupid balance wise but this still works). You can be a great player but if you don't work as a team you are going to lose because a team game focuses on team play as a unit. Sure if you play well you can help a weaker players but not to the extreme as what currently happens in MOBAs. So I have been keeping a close eye on things and hoping this works out how I hope it will.

The Q&A while not all the questions I would have asked still brought some light onto the situation and the gameplay showed the game itself is getting closer to beta which I really cannot wait to get my hands on and tell all of you abut it. I am sure there will be many Heroes posts in the future so by all means tell me your thoughts on the game and what you are looking for. I will link the Q&A and the game casted by Dustin and Day[9] below.


  1. For an alpha the game looks pretty good. I do like that they are keeping the community so involved in the process. Maybe this is because they really want to make this as close to a perfect MOBA for the community. I truly am all for it.

  2. Specilist Heroes just sound fun. Interesting concept and I just want to try them out.