Friday, January 3, 2014

You Know Who My Father Is Right?

Happy Friday! The first of the new year. Does it feel any different? Are those resolutions you messed up still worth keeping? The new year is weird though. Nothing really seems like it has changed, but you are expected to belief as if it has. things tend to change slowly over time not instantly in a day, but who am I do go against years of tradition. This is where this idea comes in. I have been arguing over emails and back and forth with people about Anduin's role in The Alliance for quite some time now. Many feel he should be the one taking over for Varian. Now I agree with this, but you don't just replace someone just like that. Look how long it took Baine to come to the front in the shadow of his father. Now I am not comparing Varian to Cairne because that would be wrong in so many ways but the situation is similar. Now Anduin will be a big deal some day maybe that day will be soon, but it takes time. Here is what Swishursweet had to say to me about it.

With the way that things are going now, Horde having Vol'jin as the new Warchief, Varian calling a truce (somewhat) with the Horde, and us looking to go back in time against these orcs of old I think it would be a very interesting combination.

I believe that him being able to see Prophet Velen in the time of Draenor while the Orcs / Dranei war /slaughterhouse is going on would be an outstanding role model to see how a leader of the light handles and responds to terrible situations for the good of his people, but with that being said I don't think he would be ready to do what needs to be done to handle the Warlords of Draenor problem. 

Not knowing the story behind it besides what has already been said it seems that going back to stop the Warlords will not only be a not so simple feat, but one that is going to require teamwork and coordination between the armies of horde and alliance (as it always seems to end up) to focus an assault on the main clans to weaken them and possibly try to persuade them otherwise. Anduin is no tactician for war. Varian is. I believe as far as the horde relations go with Anduin he would be tremendous at being a leader with them with the current truce.... as far as the upcoming war we are probably going to face... no so much.

I agree with him. Anduin's time will it just isn't yet.

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  1. He will get his time, we will just have to wait and see how. Was great seeing you on WoW yesterday couldn't believe I saw your name pop up. Felt like I was dreaming lol