Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Fresh off some pancakes and ready to go. Always a reason to love Sunday and not think about tomorrow being Monday. Although you could be one of those people not having pancakes on a Sunday and for that I feel sorry for you. Enough of that though being Sunday it does mean it is time to answer some questions. There are still some of you unsure of how to send in your questions so apparently the mass of ways on the side is hard to find. So you can't find it or are too lazy to look Is the way to go. So let's get to this thing

So coming back to WoW what did you miss about it most?

That is actually a really easy answer. I know more about the lore and the story of the game then pretty much anyone. I am Wowpedia in my own right. There is one thing knowing it and explaining it to people but actually being there and experiencing it is something completely different. It is part of the reason I enjoy older content so much. Not only because of the memories and thinking about how this was before but knowing why such and such is there and why we are helping them to such and such a thing.

This is also why I love the scenarios so much. They are a great way to show of the depth of the story of the game without much time invested. It really lets those just playing the game have a taste of what is involved.

Have you had a chance to look at the Lightning Returns new battle system?

Yes I have. Reminds me a lot of the Chrono games and Crisis Core, which is a not a bad thing.  Remember the evolution from XIII to XIII-2. You expect things like this obviously it is a new game. Not to mention you will be playing as Lightning the Entire time so there has to be some form of customization and change with it all.. I am excited though February 11th cannot come soon enough. For those who haven't seen the new battle system have a look at this video.

Has the craziness calmed down yet?


There you have it this week's questions answered. Thanks to everyone who sent one in. Wouldn't be possible to do this without them. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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