Saturday, January 4, 2014

So far, So good

Safiree & Gauss
Mostly Epic Saturdays

 Happy Saturday everyone. It's been a hell of a week. Khulk, and I finally convinced Gauss to come back to World of Warcraft. We all 3 went back together after not playing for years. It definitely wasn't an easy task, and things will most certainly be much different. We won't be raiding, or being all hardcore like we used to be. Basically just came back to explore a little bit of the content we've missed out on. Quest chains, and the pet battles are insanely amazing. :D

 Of course when we both finished installing we counted down log in at the same time. First thing he did was link Pi in trade chat. Which is actually pretty hilarious, for the longest time before I formally met him he was on my ignore list for months because I absolutely hated spam in my chats. One day I just decided to clear off some people from my ignore list and he was one of them. Sooo glad I did :)

 The changes they made with the specs are pretty straight forward. I got used to Rift where your specs have a huge window for custom builds. World of warcraft definitely disappointed me seeing how dumbed down they made the talents. Guess that's a given though. Also nice seeing my paladin actually wearing gear, and not wearing lingerie, or a swim suit lol. I was still wearing my Viscous Gladiator gear from season 9 Arena. 

 So far though, Gauss, and I are happy all around with returning. It makes me happy seeing alot of his old friends surface to welcome him back :) Gauss really made a difference on Llane server over the years. I'm very proud of him, and how far he has came since meeting him. Both of us really. Hope you guys had a good 2013. We certainly did. You guys are awesome!



  1. Have fun just dont take it too seriously

  2. /salute

    Welcome back. Spectacular Death welcomes you back. And not a rogue and a hunter stalking you Friday night.