Friday, January 10, 2014

The Noble Truths Of Hearthstone

Happy Friday everyone! One week back playing WoW and it has been fun if you read my post yesterday you would know all about it. Today though is a different day and a new season of Hearthstone is upon us. Which brings me to the Reader Post of the week submitted by Biggameover talking about the Noble Truths of Hearthstone. If you play you will enjoy this

The Four Noble Truths Are:

1.The truth of RAGE (suffering, anxiety, unsatisfactoriness)
2.The truth of the origin of RAGE
3.The truth of the cessation of RAGE
4.The truth of the path leading to the cessation of RAGE


First truth: RAGE

The first noble truth is the truth of RAGE. Within the Hearthstone tradition, the term RAGE is commonly explained according to three different patterns or categories:

The RAGE of ordinary suffering - the obvious physical and mental suffering associated with losing.

The RAGE produced by change - the anxiety or stress of trying to chase the meta that is constantly changing.

The RAGE of conditioned states - a basic unsatisfactoriness pervading all decks, due to the fact that the meta is always changing, impermanent and without any inner core or substance. On this level, the term indicates a lack of satisfaction, a sense that our decks never measure up to our expectations or standards.


Second truth: origin of RAGE

The second noble truth is the truth of the origin of RAGE. Within the context of the four noble truths, the origin of RAGE is commonly explained as craving conditioned by ignorance. This craving runs on three channels:

Craving for sense-pleasures: this is craving to win the match

Craving to be: this is craving to be something, to unite with an experience. This includes craving to be top ranked, to be a being that has a past and a future, and craving to prevail and dominate over others.

Craving not to be: this is craving to not experience hearthsone; a wish to be separated from losing

Ignorance can be defined as ignorance of the meaning and implication of the four noble truths. On a deeper level, it refers to a misunderstanding of TGCs.

Another common explanation presents the cause of RAGE as disturbing emotions rooted in ignorance. In this context, it is common to identify three root disturbing emotions, called the three poisons, as the root cause of suffering or RAGE. These three poisons are:

Ignorance : misunderstanding of TGCs

Attachment: attachment to winning.

Aversion: a fear of getting a bad draw, or not getting a good starting hand


Third truth: cessation of RAGE

The third Noble Truth is the truth of the cessation of RAGE. The term cessation refers to the cessation of suffering and the causes of suffering. It is the cessation of all the unsatisfactory experiences and their causes in such a way that they can no longer occur again. It's the removal, the final absence, the cessation of those things, their non-arising.

Cessation is the goal of one's playing of hearthstone. According to the pandaria point of view, once we have developed a genuine understanding of the causes of suffering, such as craving and ignorance, then we can completely eradicate these causes and thus be free from suffering.

Cessation is often equated with nirvana, which can be described as the state of being in cessation or the event or process of the cessation. A temporary state of nirvana can be said to occur whenever the causes of suffering (e.g. craving) have ceased in our mind.


Fourth truth: path to the cessation of RAGE

The fourth noble truth is the path to the cessation of RAGE. This path is called deckbuilder websites and it is considered to be the essence of hearthstone practice. Hearthpwn and Hearthhead are some you can google.

There you have it. May Rngesus be with you and enjoy your weekend!


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