Thursday, January 23, 2014

Starcraft Patch 2.1

So if you haven't heard Patch 2.1 happened over in Starcraft land. Quite a few new things have been added so you were unaware or too lazy to check the patch notes here is a quite run down.

  • Arcade is now free
  • Clan Logos
  • Clan improvements
  • Game mods
  • Level Cap Increase
  • Carbot Portraits
Sure there is a lot more but those are the main things. With the arcade being quite the popular feature making it available to everyone who has access to the starter edition is quite a big deal. Makes it now so only muliplayer and the campaign is not available for free now. 

Being able to make your own decals is pretty awesome. It is a way now where you can support your clan. Now something that does worry me is this may pave the way for ads being without the game on the pro scene. Think about it this is like ads on the boards in hockey except now it is around your CC, Hatch or Nexus.

The improvements make it easy to schedule events for your clan, practice or anything else you happen to do together. Makes yours good of people feel like they are closer together.

The mods they have in not only looks cool but something to make the game slightly different you have played many times. Moving mineral patches seems hilarious and anger inducing all at the same time.

Increasing the level cap is really a good reason to take part in all these changes and it is only 5 levels per race so it isn't insane but still feels like you are actually playing for some reason if it is non ladder.

Who doesn't love Carbot? Like really? Anyone who loves Starcraft loves them some Carbot and what better way than bringing them together.

So there you ahve it. I have been excited about this patch since first hearing about it back at Blizzcon any changes to one of my favourite games is a welcome change. GLHF eveyone!

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  1. Go go custom decals cannot wait. Alos love how the clan tags work like signs on your base.