Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday time for pancakes and answering questions. That sounded a lot better in my head before I typed it and read it. What an interesting week and last couple days it has been. Started playing WoW again and I think my post on Thursday resulted in enough emails to go through I will be reading them till next week. It's good though glad to have all of your support no matter what I am doing. So now with the niceties out of the way let's get to the questions.

So how was logging back on, what happened?

Well I pressed the enter world button. Safiree and I actually did a countdown for it. Was interesting to say the least. I don't think 2 minutes went by before someone asked me for Pi and then it didn't stop. If some of you were one of those whispering me when I first got on sorry if I didn't reply to you was hard to keep track. Apparently someone probably trolling telling everyone I wasn't the real Gauss because Gauss played a rogue. Wish I would have known that. It was fun though not really concerned too much about anything and was just enjoying myself, which was the plan.

So what are you going to transmog yourself to?

Honestly haven't completely decided. I have just been enjoying my time on going through my bank and making space for all the things I should have got rid of years ago, but I like to keep everything. I was even surprised at some of the things I had in my bank. Took me enough time to go through all of that but it did give me some ideas on what gear I should sport eventually. I will be sure to let you all know when I eventually decide.

Coolest thing of the week?

Well this is pretty amazing. A Diablo themed Hearthstone

There you have it this week's questions answered. As always thanks to everyone who sent one in, and thanks to everyone who has been patient waiting for me to respond to their email. I will get to them eventually. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  1. Damn that Hearthstone table looks amazing. They should do one for SC2 as well

  2. Was weird seeing you online, but great knowing you are back to save us!