Saturday, January 11, 2014


Safiree & Gauss 
Mostly Epic Saturdays

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope your week was fantastic!! Another week for us playing WoW. I'm also still doing Rift, raiding with the guild i'm in. TOO MUCH MMO! ugh. Soon I think i'm going to drop Rift for a while. It was fun, but the grinding aspect is too heavy for me. Still reconnecting with old friends in WoW, trying to remember whether I met them in Threescore, or the guild I was in before I met Gauss. So confusing sometimes. When people greet me, i'm often hesitant because i'm not sure if they're "Gauss fans" trying to touch base with me, or people who actually know me but I don't remember them. (I have terrible memory.)

 Gauss and I tried the "Timeless Isle", and the Scenario stuff they added. He can't stand doing the Isle because he says, they are easy rare farms for idiots who enjoy not doing much to earn gear. Which technically he is right, but honestly we died 500 times each. Always a good time though lol. Scenarios are pretty interesting. Newer mechanics i'm not familiar with. Basically I feel brand new to WoW with most things in Pandaria. 

 Dailies are CRAZY! Legit so many for cooking, and fishing. I love it. So far we've completed questing in I think 3 zones total in Pandaria. The Heroics are simple. Nothing really too complicated we haven't been able to just BLINDLY GO INTO INSTANCES AND KILL STUFF. =) I love it. I'm so glad khulk, and I were able to convince him to come back. All of us at the same time made it even better. Think i'll always have a soft spot in my heart for WoW. (ADHD TIME) Did anyone else notice the Jade Serpents voice is the same as Tyraels in Diablo III. I nerdgasm fangirled that moment I realized.

 Anyways, I hope if you guys still play, Whisper and say Hi - Safiree-Llane. I'll be happy to hear from you.
Thank you (JayLOL) for the awesome screenshots you sent me. We also take ALOT of screenshots. :)
Feel free to send more QEDSAFIREE@GMAIL.COM



  1. Great screenshots and glad to have you guys back

  2. Just hit me up when u 2 are on Trikshott, love to see u 2 in game