Friday, January 24, 2014

It Is All Velen's Fault

For the longest time as many of you can attest to I have basically explained Warcraft as we know it only exists because it is all Velen's fault. He turned down Sargeras which led to him escaping Argus and he was never stopped being chased and everything which happened from that point on only happened because of this single act. It is pretty remarkable when you think about it. How different would the Universe be if he just said yes?

With all of that in mind it brings me to this week's Reader Post submitted by Trassk who basically just comes out and says the Alliance including the Draenei don't feel guilt but they feel they are above the other races.

Alliance races never do feel guilty for anything they do, even when they should. Alliance constantly want to try and make Horde races face blame and forced guilt for anything the horde does to them, but its NEVER the other way round and the alliance wipes it hands of anything.

1 - The Forsaken. Its been brought up many times, that when the Forsaken were freed from the Lich Kings grasp, many of them tried to reunite with there still living families, but there still living families rejected them as monsters, leaving them alone with the forsaken. It was never these Forsaken's fault they became drones of the Lich King, but that wasn't enough to make the still living humans of the alliance think they were victims of Arthas, they were not humans, therefor they are monsters and had to be wiped out.

2 - Obviously I have heard many of your discussion about the Draenei and how they don't even feel guilt for what they caused.  The problem with the Draenei, yes, they are responsible for what became of the Orcs and Draenor, as they did lead the legion there while trying to escape it, not just Draenor, but any planet the Draenei came to. They suffer from the sin of hubris, or more so just naive to there own actions having ramifications in leading to planets being dammed for it. 

3 - While there's is a solid reasoning for this, you can also argue that the night elves are so religiously naive, they don't want to accept the idea that they are related to trolls. Night elves, as discovered by the alliances own Brann Bronzebeard, are related to trolls, but many of them simply believe they are children of the stars, instead of being related to a primitive race like trolls. You would expect the smarter night elves to open up to this and find some common ground with them, since trolls themselves have approached the Cenarion Circle with there own druidism, but nope, they don't want to believe they are related to them.

And yes, there are plenty of things the Horde is responsible for against the Alliance, that's how Warcraft works in its two and throw, but its the alliance belief that they are all white knights and can't be held accountable for anything that makes the Alliance such an arrogant group of races.

There you have it. Really quite eye opening when you think about it. Everyone always thinks about the Horde as the "bad" ones but who is it really?

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