Saturday, November 23, 2013


Safiree Saturdays

Happy Saturday everyone. Hopefully your PS4's are making you happier than the few people I know who haven't so far. There is plenty of opinions flying around with the PS4 vs. XBOX ONE. I'm personally not much for console gaming. I used to have an Xbox 360, and sometimes it was great. My Wii system is nice when you have family over, and they tell you how much you suck at life and how you will never beat them at the dumbest rendition of bowling. Yes I always lose, but you can't argue the fun that comes along with it. I stick to buying games for PC. I don't play with a desktop computer. I play on my laptop that I had custom build by Sager. 

-Sager Notebook's NP9170 (Clevo P170EM)
 -Intel I7-3630QM @ 2.40Ghz w/ Optimus Technology
-4gb NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX
-16gb of 1600Mhz RAM
-Western Digital 750gb 7200rpm Hard Drive
-Cruical M4 130gb Solid State Drive
-Killer Wireless-N Bigfoot 1103 5Ghz wireless card
-Realtek High Definition Soundcard
-Fullsize Multicolor Backlight Keyboard w/ Number Pad
-17.3' Full HD LED 60Hz Display
 -Windows 8 64-bit

 A lot of people don't agree with my playing on a laptop. I love it. Point is, to each their own. Are you a PS4 or an XBOX ONE kind of gamer? Or both o_0  Controllers? XBOX ONE has been won over by a lot of gamers. PS4 has the touch pad, but the xbox controller has the rumble triggers that apparently is where it's at. The DualShock 4 is a little bigger in the next-generation thanks to its unique front-and-center touchpad. Sony stuck with the dual analog sticks down in front, but at least have a central divot recess for easier gripping.

 Maybe the difference in consoles comes down to nostalgia. The console you played most when you were younger. For me that would be the Playstation. I think people are so critical of their opinions with them because of the great memories they had with the previous consoles. Also with the games that are available exclusively for either console. In conclusion, I think it should  all come down to preference and the game you are playing. The console exclusive games are what matters. In my opinion that is. Can't take the fandom out of the gamer. 

"Xbox One will NOT require 24 Internet Check and will support USED GAMES 100% and it will work like it does today on Xbox 360. Buy, lend, trade, sell, whatever you want." 
- Machinima Kovic & Bruce

 "The CPU, and GPU have been concluded to be the same. The PS4 may be overclocked a bit higher than the xbox. The ram on the ps4 is higher quality." - Machinima Kovic & Bruce

 One of the most impressive things about the PS4 specs has been its use of 8GB GDDR5 RAM. Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One to have 8GB RAM as well, but it's DDR3 memory variety. That may mean more to game developers in the long run as opposed to gamers themselves right now, but it's still an interesting choice for the Xbox One. So what are your opinions on all of this? Also... is Battlefield 4 better than COD ghosts? :) Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

 Send in pictures of how you have your gaming station set up. Whether you are PC, or Console. Both even. I'll look through them with Gauss and will post the one we like the best to next Saturdays post. 




  1. Not a bad laptop. I just think Microsoft focused too much on the connect this generation and it is going to hurt them. Their exclusives are anything but impressive and I really don't understand why people like the xbox controller it is horrible because of the position it forces your hands into

  2. Everyone hates on Xbox because Sony's exclusives are so much better but think back to the ps2 days. Were there any good PS2 exclusives besides the Final Fantasy games? No. We can thank Microsoft for games like Uncharted, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, and Beyond Two Souls because without the competition Sony never would have put forth the effort to making such amazing exclusives.

    1. I agree. those were beyond amazing games.

    2. "Beyond" I see what you did there

    3. I can honestly say I think Sony brought its A game. My only worry is if they factory overclocked RAM timings or CPU power that they have adequate cooling to compensate which was an 360 major issue when they first came out. Also, even though they removed alot of the more blunt DRM, they are still going to be using the xbox network as an RIAA gathering tool in the background, which has almost always been the case. but in the end my 8 core 8gb ram with a gtv760 on an msi black edition motherboard is my gaming preference. I'm an avid pc gamer and probably always will be until the console market is a bit more open to software mods and hardware hacking.

  3. I like both gaming consoles. only problem for me is the price of the games. almost £55-£60 for some games.